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The RaynMakers exists to help clients set and achieve their top-line revenue goals by walking in their shoes, developing practical plans, then making them happen. We help clients sell more...sell smarter...sell differently!MissionRecent Projects-
Generated clients for interactive agency, cmcl real estate and professional services firms and SEO provider; web developer

Social media strategy and design for lawyer, technology guru/architect, professional services, Recruiter, Innovation Expert Consultant, Limo Service, International film festival and 15 other professionals including corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Strategic planning for event mngmt firm, research, biz plan & marketing plan for construction industry firm; marketing plan for two non -profit firms

PR for non -profit org. Preliminary integrted communications work for intl non profit orgs.

Matchmaking for affluent market /leisure offering; SR Vp marketing job hunt strategy and door opensing